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Most of my Music comes from different times in my life and just let you see who I I'm as a person. but it also show that music runs deep with in. it's a powerful god given gift and tool. -Ace La
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"MindOfMusic Vol: 2 The loner" is almost Ready to be Released. I ran in to a few problems. But I’m back on track and I’m still goin to put it out. The cover for the beatape self explanatory as you can see. I’m still not sure about the date it will be released. but it will be soon. - Ace La #MindOfMusic  


So I gave this a lot of thought and this sentence popped up in my head. It is a strong statement to make but a real one. This not just to me but to everybody that wants to do something great in their life. I’m thinking about making this into a shirt. To be a reminder to me. Ace La #MindOfMusic

You Don’t Need To Be A Major, To Do Great Things.
Ace La #MindOfMusic

Took a pic of myself to play round a bit with with photo editing software I have. Its hard work leaning and and reshaping myself as a producer. I still got long ways to go to. But its a wonderful adventure that I’m taking and I pray that it get better. Great challenges ahead. But I’m ready. Ace La #MindOfMusic

Ace La #MindOfMusic

I’m gonna say this one more time to everybody who I collaborate with and who listens to my music I make. I been doing this for a long time and I’m not gonna let my problems or anyone else problems stop me from doing something good with My music. #GetItTogether
Ace La #MindOfMusic
I’m gonna get this Beat tape done. I been do this for to long just to let my problems or anyone else problems stop me from doing something good. #GetItTogether
Ace La  #MindOfMusic