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Most of my Music comes from different times in my life and just let you see who I I'm as a person. but it also show that music runs deep with in. it's a powerful god given gift and tool. -Ace La
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Time to get healthy.


I actually like a couple of these, and I can see some of you liking specific ones as well. 

these look like something good to switch it up with

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We are proud to say that WLHRec.com is Officially up. we are making sure everything is Ready and updated to launch all the pages for the site.That will be some where around 6:00pm et. so get ready to see the site in its  entirety.

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If you have not check out my Beatape. Then this is your chance. It’s called “#MindOfMusic vol:1 The Student” go to https://soundcloud.com/wlhrec/sets/mindofmusic-vol-1-the-student to listen to the first beatape of a five part series.



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In session. #DreamEp

So I already got a head start on the next part of the #MindOfMusic series. The next volume is called “The Loner” it going to be more base on a real part of me in my life that is shown and not shown. I don’t know the date I will release it yet. It will probably be in the summer. Plz continue to listen and share “Vol:1 The Student” I would love for Everyone to listen to it. tell me what you think of it leave a comment, share it with someone whatever.
Ace La #MindOfMusic

This What you All Be Wait For. MindOfMusic Vol:1 The Student. I could this with out my bros Prup and Miyagi. so thank them as well.

So enjoy comment,like it, share it, spead the word. We Here!! Check Us Out!!

This is the play list and cover for “#MindOfMusic Vol:1 The Student”  it will be out  today a lil later. - Ace La 

MindOfMusic Vol:1 The Student

  1. Intro
  2. Doubt Me
  3. Club Night Life
  4. Time Table
  5. Got To Do It Right
  6. Bandz In my Watch
  7. Retrack
  8. Rise and Grind
  9. Sound Seeing

So the wait is almost over. I’m so Excited tell yell know what happening tomorrow. It’s my birthday and for the past 2 yrs I have release a new beat on my Birthday. Well this year I though I would do something different. I’m actually for the First time, putting up a Beat Tape. I’m 26 yrs old and I been making Beats since was 15 and I been on a beatape. but I have never made one for myself. so this is my first, and on top of that its actually Beat Tape Series, “#MindofMusic volumes” it’s gone to be 5 beat tapes. the 1 volume will be up on SoundCloud tomorrow. Has for the other volumes. I’m still working on the dates for them to be release. so get ready to listen, comment, like, share, play it over and over again, ete, ete. lol

Ace La #MindOfMusic

So close to been finish with this Music for my Birthday. This is a first time for me and I’m gonna to try to continue with it. #6DaysUntillItOut #GetReady